About Us

Welcome to the Celebration Self Defense Club Program.

Personal School with Jiu-Jitsu
and Krav Maga techniques
(no Gi/Kimono)

We use the method

  • Through this training we work intensely on physical conditioning, the weak and sensitive points of the human body, peripheral vision of environments and simulation of real situations, emotional strengthening, defense and attack techniques, prevention, self-confidence and anti-bullying so that the defense, despite being a time of stress, we try to be as simple, fast and efficient as possible.
  • As it couldn’t be different with more than 26 years in the martial arts, we value the 7 pillars of Bushido that were practiced by true Samurais, which are: Honor, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Courage and Loyalty.
  • We believe that if we work to have these pillars always present in our daily lives together with our friends, family and community, we will have a much healthier, prosperous and safer life. So we can create self-defense for children, teenagers, men and women using simple ways to defend themselves.
Arthur Dib - AD Self Defense - Celebration FL
Arthur Dib - AD Self Defense - Celebration FL

Career History

  • Champion Tampa International Open 2023.
  • Champion Atlanta Spring International 2022.
  • Champion Miami Fall Internacional 2022.
  • Vice Champion Miami Open Winter 2022.
  • Vice Champion AbuDhabi AJP Tour Orlando 2022.
  • Vice Champion Orlando Summer International 2022.
  • Champion Paulista No-Gi 2021.
  • Third Place in the International Master 2021.
  • Coordinator of the international event BJJBET 2020 and 2021.
  • Vice Champion Paulista 2020.
  • South American Vice Champion 2019.
  • Responsible for the safety of Formula 1 President Estefano Dominicali in 2021.
  • Security Pilot Lewis Hamilton GPF1 from SP in 2021.
  • Security of several Brazilian authorities.
  • Police Personal Defense Instructor in Brazil working in several departments (Civil and Military Police).
  • Kubotan Staff / Tactical Pen Instructor.
  • Firearm restraint and counter restraint instructor.
  • Instructor of use with tonfa.
  • Defense instructor with blades.
  • Analysis of the risk area for security (prevention, circulation routes and emergency escapes).